We at Little Scholars always ensure that each child who enters out door is treasured and cherished as all children should be. We provide a child centered environment that fosters a love of life and learning, combined to make our school the premier provider of Montessori.

We aim to provide an environment that meets the needs of the child, an environment that provides independence, socialisation, confidence, understanding and tolerance.

Little Scholar’s childcare believes in Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy that the first six years are vital for development, the foundation for all future development. The child, with their absorbent mind, absorbs everything in their environment, learns about the world and things around him/her, developing from a helpless baby into an energetic, capable and independent child. It is our objective to fulfill this progression and send your child on the correct path to meet the demands of everyday life.

Childrens Charter

Children’s Charter

  • Children’s welfare and their rights to secure a healthy and happy childhood are paramount.
  • The experiences children receive in their early years are critically important in terms of future development.
  • Children are entitled to expect that all adults will respect, uphold and preserve their rights and to ensure that their feelings and wishes are considered.
  • Children should have the opportunity to make choices and develop a sense of responsibility for their own actions appropriate to their age.
  • Children, parents and carers should not be discriminated against, particularly in relation to colour, age, race, religion, gender, disability medical conditions or background.
  • Parents should be recognised and respected as children’s first and continuing educators.


The ECCE Scheme allows for two years of FREE pre-school, it was announced by the government in April 2009 and was introduced in January 2010. Parents are able to avail of this ECCE scheme for eligible children on a 38 week per year basis.

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