Little Scholars Montessori

Since opening our doors in September 2012 we are very proud to be recognised as a shining example of well run and safe Montessori schools, this was communicated to us and can be seen through our inspections carried out by TULSA preschool inspectors. These are freely and openly available for viewing by all parents.

About Little Scholars Montessori

Respect and Dignity

We at Little Scholars strongly believe in the Dr. Maria Montessori ethos, that the children should be treated with respect and dignity, that each child has the freedom to choose and make their own decisions. Alongside Montessori we work with parents to promote their child’s over all development, through the principles of Aistear (the early childhood curriculum) the child’s Well-Being, Identity & Belonging, Communicating and Exploring & Thinking.

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Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

We are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion for all adults, children and families within our services and we engage with the Access and Inclusion Model (AIM) which is supported by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

We have an open-door policy where parents and families are always welcome. Parents/ Guardians are kept up to date with their children’s progress by means of observational reports, teacher meetings, report forms, newsletters and regular feedback from our staff members.

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. She was the first woman in Italy to receive a medical degree and progressed to working with children with special needs. Maria Montessori said that the first six years of a child’s life is the most crucial time for their development. During this time a child’s mind is like a sponge. Maria Montessori called this the ‘absorbent mind’ stage.

‘The child has a mind able to absorb knowledge. He has the power to teach himself.’ – The Absorbent Mind, Maria Montessori.

Maria Montessori created a specific environment for the children which she called the prepared environment. During 0-6 years of age the child travels through 6 sensitive periods: sensitivity to small objects, sensitivity to walking, sensitivity to order, refinement of the sense, sensitivity to language and sensitivity to social aspects.  Maria Montessori designed her Montessori materials into five sections: Practical life, Sensorial, Maths, Language, Culture. Children can independently learn and develop at their own ease.

‘Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed’- Maria Montessori


The ECCE Scheme allows for two years of FREE pre-school, it was announced by the government in April 2009 and was introduced in January 2010. Parents are able to avail of this ECCE scheme for eligible children on a 38 week per year basis.

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