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Little Scholars Privacy Notice

Your Personal Data – What the Service Needs:

Little Scholars Montessori is what is known as the ‘Controller’ of the personal data you provide to it. We take your privacy seriously and will only use personal information about you and your child to provide the services you have requested from us and administer your account.

We collect a variety of personal data to be able to deliver the service requested by you. Most of this data is captured on an enrolment form or on the forms required to obtain government funded fees or fee subsidisation (where applicable). 


The Booking/Enquiry form includes name, and contact details of the child and his/her family for the purpose of adding the child to a waiting list. This will be kept for the duration of the waiting list and will be destroyed when the waiting period expires, or the child is removed from the waiting list by the parent/guardian.


The Enrolment Form includes your name, address, details of your child including date of birth plus further detail on any specific medical and other relevant health-care details, and history necessary to allow us to ensure the welfare and safety of your child.

Because of the sensitive nature of much this information, you will be asked to confirm your consent for us to collect and hold the information before it does so. We also ask you for other permissions regarding other data such as photographs etc

In addition to this, the Service will, at your request and again with your consent, gather additional information on your nationality, religion, and ethnic origin, if you believe this to be an important factor in providing the appropriate care and support for your child.


The enrolment form also collects the contact details and phone numbers of your child’s emergency contacts and authorised collectors. You are required to ensure these persons agree to their information being stored and you will be asked to confirm this on the enrolment form.


The Funding Form may collect personal data including your PPS number and your social welfare status. This is only collected to allow us process funding applications on your behalf to allow you access subsidies or free care and education for your child (where eligible and applicable).


Why the Service Needs Data/Purpose of the Processing:

The Service needs your basic personal data to provide you with its services in line with this overall contract. The Service will not collect any personal data from you it does not need to provide and oversee this service to you.

What the Service Does with Data/Disclosure:

All the personal data is processed by management or by staff designated by Management. To deliver our services effectively, we may need to exchange your details with:

  • The relevant funding bodies such as DCYA, Pobal, and the Childcare Committees,
  • Regulators such as TUSLA or the Revenue Commissioners,
  • Inspectors (TUSLA, Department of Education and Science and Health & Safety Authority), or
  • External personnel such as HR contractors, accountants and professional advisors.


The Service has a Data Protection Policy in place to oversee the effective and secure processing of your personal data.


How Long the Service Keeps Data/Retention Period and Criteria Used:

The Service will keep your and your child’s personal data for as long as he or she remains within the Service, and for the period afterwards required by the relevant statutory and legislative guidelines that apply.  More information on the Service’s retention procedures can be found by contacting the Manager directly at the addresses given below


How the service stores your information:

All personnel and sensitive information are stored under lock and key in a filing cabinet.  This cabinet is stored within the school which is also secured with locked doors and has an alarm system.  Any soft copies are stored on a laptop that is password protected and is stored within the managers home, with secure locked doors and again also has an alarm system.


What are your rights?

If you wish to see what information the Service holds on you or your child, simply contact the Manager either by post or email and we will endeavour to respond to you within 30 days of receipt of your request.


If at any point you believe the information the Services processes on you is incorrect, you may request to have it corrected. You can contact the Manager at the address shown below. If you wish to raise a complaint on how the Service has handled your personal data, you can also contact the Manager.


Data Controller: Little Scholars Montessori

Contact Points: Karen Egerton & Fiona Gregan

Manager: Karen Egerton

Data Protection Officer: Karen Egerton


Bracken Educate Together National School



Co Dublin

01 8954975 / 085 1375828


If you seek a response and are not satisfied or believe the Service is not processing your personal data in accordance with the law, you can complain directly to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner at:


Postal Address:

Data Protection Commissioner

Canal House

Station Road


R32 AP23 Co. Laois